Good Day! We offer Air Freight parcel service to all countries (12"X12"X10") with maximum weight of 30lbs. We also offer Ocean Parcel service for personal effects to Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. For more information, Please call 224-466-9923 or 847-979-8050. Vonage #:847-979-7608


Ship with OTI No.: 024103N

About Us

Company Information

Logistics International Parcels Shipping Transport LLC, doing business as LIPS Transport LLC was organized in the State of Illinois on March 21, 2012. It was established for the purpose of conducting business in the area of freight and cargo forwarding currently in United States. On April 11, 2013, United States Federal Maritime Commission granted LIPS Transport LLC a license as Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), with an Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) License Number 024103N, making the company in compliant and authorized to carry on the business of NVOCC for the provision of Transportation by water of cargo via common carriers between the United States, its territories or possessions and foreign countries.

Logistics International Parcels Shipping Transport LLC is a fully service oriented company committed to provide variety of logistic services. We are poised to revolutionize the “Balikbayan Shipping Industry” by incorporating estate of the art processing and tracking system. With our professionally well trained and courteous staff, our client can rely on effective, fast and efficient services. We are aiming to deliver and exceed every bit of your expectation.

As a Licensed and Bonded “Balikbayan” Company, Logistics International Parcels Shipping Transport, LLC offers the ideal combination of security and dedicated services. LIPS Transport LLC brings you to another level of confidence that a shipper expects. The availability of shipping solutions brought forth by the shifting technology in logistic industry gives us the advantage of tracking your shipment and the On- Spot updates of the cargoes. The Generation-now information makes our services generally a choice of the people.

Licensed by United States Federal Maritime Commision

Bond issued by United States FMC approved surety company



Company Offers

  • Consolidation of Balikbayan Boxes

    We gladly accept Balikbayan Boxes in small or great quantity at a very competitive rate. Our 6,000 square feet warehouse will easily handle large amount of deliveries. Drive in dock for vans and smaller freight is available and private container dock is waiting for convenience of loading and unloading of cargos. Add the availability of pallet jack and forklift, a choice we have to the make job done faster and effortless. As we move volume of boxes, the turn-around period will greatly allow your shipment to reach their destination at the earliest possible time. Agents and Co-Loaders are welcome to become part of our team and increase profitability while improving the level of satisfaction of customers.

  • FReturning Resident Container Cargo

    Designed to those Returning Residents who plan to go back home for good. You could avail of our ample space of 20 or 40 foot container to house personal belongings and bring to your address in the Philippines. No worry about Custom requirements and the intricacy of Shipping Carriers and other logistics rules and regulations.

  • Licenses

    State of Illinois Certification:

    File Number: 0390514-4

    Authentication Number: 1305702746

    US Federal Maritime Commission:

    Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Number : 024103N

    Surety Bond Number: JGINVOC3163


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